Lesson Procedures

  • Please drive slowly (5-10 mph).  Please enter and exit Cantera using east entrance across from Sacajawea Drive.
  • We expect you to arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to the start of your lesson so that you can groom and tack up your lesson horse as well as to take care of any administrative tasks such as scheduling or paying for monthly lesson sessions. Showing up with less than 15 minutes before your lesson is scheduled to begin can result in forfeiting the lesson, horsemanship is an extremely important aspect of riding and prep time for your lesson in key.
  • Find your name and the name of the horse you will be riding on the board outside the arena. Special instructions for your horse are also listed there, such as using bell boots and polo wraps.   Locate the tack (saddle, bridle and girth or cinch) plus any other extra equipment needed and place on rack near where you will groom your horse. Bring your horse to the cross-ties to tack up your horse or tack your horse in the stall. 
  • Prepare your horse for your lesson. When you are ready, line up in the breezeway facing the arena and wait for your instructor to take you to your lesson arena. Do not mount your horse until instructed to do so.
  • After your lesson, you are expected to untack your horse (unless another student is using your horse in the next lesson). Until you are proficient at untacking you will not be on your own, someone will assist you.  Plan to stay 30 minutes after your lesson to care for your horse. Weather conditions may require you to provide additional horse care, such as sponging down, walking a hot horse or removing mud during the rainy season.  Please check in with instructor or person assisting with tacking/untacking the lessons to ask if your horse has been properly “turned back” (groomed etc) prior to leaving.
  • Scheduling Lessons . . . You may schedule lessons by phone or in person with Julie Kennedy.  The phone number is (360) 607-0493.  Text messaging is a great option to communicate with Julie. 

Canceling LEssons

  • Since your lesson reserves time with your instructor and the exclusive use of a school horse, we require that you cancel any lessons you cannot attend at least 24 hours before the start of the classes. If you do not cancel a lesson and do not show up for it, it will be considered a "no show" and you will not be eligible for a make-up lesson.
  • Cancellations may be made by phone or in person.  Please call/text Julie Kennedy at (360) 607-0493 and leave a message with your name and the day and time of your class. You may also reschedule the lesson at this time.  Make-up lessons need to occur within one month of the missed lesson or the make-up lesson is forfeited.
  • During inclimate weather do not assume that your lesson has been cancelled.  If unable to make your lesson, it is up to you to call and cancel.  We can reschedule lesson if given 24 hr advance notice of cancellation.  We live in the Pacific Northwest, dress in layers and have raingear.  In icy conditions lessons will typically be cancelled, but please call/text to confirm.  Depending on the amount of snow, we may or may not cancel lessons, please call/text in advance.  If we cancel lessons due to inclimate weather a make-up lesson may be scheduled.  As always, a make-up lesson must be scheduled to occur within one month of the canceled lesson.


  • We bill for our lessons in monthly flat rate increments.  Payment is due by the 5th of the month for the current month’s riding session.  There is an increased fee for lessons paid a-la-carte as opposed to paying for the monthly package.
  • Payments made after the 5th of the month will result in a late fee added to your account of $25.00.
  • Returned payment fee of $25.00 will be applied for any NSF items.
  • If going on vacation please notify us of the upcoming dates of lessons that will be missed.  Makeup lessons can be scheduled to occur before or after the vacation.
  • If taking an extended vacation and make-up lessons aren’t reasonable. We can withdraw the student from lessons, but can’t guarantee the same lesson time slot will be held for when the student is able to return to lessons.
  • If you plan to discontinue/take a break from lessons 15 days advance notice is requested or you will be billed for the next month’s session.