2019 Event schedule


4/27 - 4/28 - Pony Club Dressage Rally (PC)

DevonWood Sherwood, OR


5/4 - Quarry Ridge (L/FS)

Battle Ground, WA

5/18 & 5/19 - Quiet Rein (L/O)

Oregon City, OR

5/22 - 5/26 - Bend City Opener (A)

Bend, OR

5/25 - 5/26 - Pony Club Show Jump Rally (PC)


6/1 - Quarry Ridge (L)

Battle Ground, WA

6/8 - Rolling Rock (L/RR)

Sherwood, OR

6/12 - 6/16 - The Oregon Trail (A)

Wilsonville, OR

6/15 & 6/16 - Bedrock (L/O)

Wilsonville, OR

6/19 - 6/23 - Early Summer Classic (AA)

Wilsonville, OR


7/5 - 7/7 - Country Classic Preview (A)

Wilsonville, OR

7/6 & 7/7 - Bedrock (L/O)

Wilsonville, OR

7/13 - 7/14 - Bedrock (L/O)

Wilsonville, OR

7/20 - Rolling Rock (L/RR)

Sherwood, OR


8/3-8/4 Quiet Rein (L/O)

Oregon City, OR

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8/17 - Rolling Rock (L/RR)

Sherwood, OR

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8/24 & 8/25 - Bedrock (L/O)

Wilsonville, OR

8/28 - 9/1 - Northwest Spectacular (AA)

Wilsonville, OR


9/7 - Rolling Rock (L/RR)

Sherwood, OR

9/21 - Quarry Ridge (L)


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10/5-10/6 - Quiet Rein (L)

Oregon City

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IEA Show Dates 2019/2020:

  • September 15th - Longacre in Longview, WA

  • September 22nd - Quarry Ridge in Battle Ground, WA

  • October 5th - Sharkey in Kirkland, WA

  • October 6th - Creidmount in Kirkland, WA

  • October 19th - Burkwood in Blaine, WA

  • October 20th - Burkwood in Blaine, WA

  • January 25th and 26th - Cantera Home Show

  • Regionals: February 8th/9th in Auburn, WA @ Donieda

  • Zones: March 7th/8th in Grays Harbor, WA @ Greys Harbor Fairgrounds

  • Nationals: April 17th-19th Los Angeles, CA @ LA Equestrian Center


Show Ratings Decoded

Did you notice the letters in parenthesis after the show names above? If you are wondering what those mean, below are their definitions.

IEA - A show only open to our IEA team members

PC - An event for our Canterwood Pony Club members

L - This is a local show and is a great place to start if you are interested in horse showing.

O - Many shows have gained special recognition from the USHJA to be an Outreach Horse Show. This means riders can join the USHJA at the Outreach level to gain points throughout the season for potential year end awards. You do not have to be an Outreach member to participate at these shows. If you have any questions about this please talk to your trainer!

NW - Each year the Lake Oswego Hunt Club hosts Nancy Wild medal classes at their shows. The top 15 placed riders in each division are invited to participate in the Nancy Wild Finals in September.

RR - Rolling Rock Farm puts on a series of shows at their facility where riders with the top number of points accumulated throughout the year earn themselves year end prizes. You need to register at each show you compete in for points to count for the awards, but you do not need to register in order to show.

AA, A, B, & C - These rated shows are for those looking to jump higher than the local level offers. USEF and USHJA memberships are required to show. To participate in any of these shows please connect with a trainer to learn more details!

Show Fees & Info

Contact us for more information at this time!