Riding Lessons

Cantera Equestrian is proud to develop well rounded equestrians.  We believe it is important for our riders to learn about horse management and ground manners in addition to developing their skills while on their horse.  We offer classes in Hunter/Jumper, and beginning Dressage.

Riders of all levels and riding background are welcome to join our lesson program.  From the complete beginner that has never ridden to the advanced student looking to progress, we have classes available that will help each rider to achieve their goals.  
Our young rider program is for riders from ages 4-5.  Age 6 and up are part of our standard program.

Evaluation Ride

Your first Lesson at Cantera will be an evaluation of your riding ability to help us determine which class would be the best for you. You will receive a short tour of our facility to acquaint you with the locations of the office, stables, tack room, restrooms, and other important areas. Your riding instructor will assist you with preparing your horse. You may schedule your next lesson at the end of your evaluation or at a later date. The First Lesson Evaluation takes about an hour (tour, lesson and evaluation).

Group Lessons

Group lessons are based on your riding level assigned after your evaluation. We offer group lessons ranging from walk/trot to 3'+ (outlined below). Both half hour (30 minutes) and hour (60 minutes) group lessons are available. Please contact Julie to get in the group that best fits you and your schedule!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are for those wanting individualized attention for a half hour (30 minutes). These lessons are perfect for someone who needs a little more help hands-on, someone getting to know a new horse or someone who wants help with their young horse. Private lessons are a bit flexible on times so please contact Julie to schedule a lesson!


  • Evaluation Ride: $60
  • A-La-Carte Half Hour Group Lessons: $45
  • Monthly Half Hour lesson per week Flat Rate Billed Cost: $150 a month
  • A-La-Carte 1 Hour Group Lessons: $65
  • Monthly 1 Hour per week Flat Rate Billed Cost: $230 a month
  • Half Hour Private Lessons: $65

Riding Levels

Mini-Mite: Ages 4-6. A private lesson 1-on-1 with an instructor where your child learns how to be balanced and safe on a horse's back. Fun and safety are the number one priorities for these half hour (30 minute) lessons.

Walk/Trot: 6 and up. Riders ride on their own for a half hour (30 minute) with up to four people total in this group lesson. Balance, steering, and group safety are the focus for these lessons.

Walk/Trot/Canter: These half hour (30 minute) group lessons are perfect for learning how to canter. 

Intro to Jumping: Hour (60 minute) long group lessons are offered for this riding level. These classes are for those ready to do full courses and are getting ready to move up to the next level. Hour long classes will have a max of four students. Jump height for these lessons are crossrails - 12"

Jump 1: These hour long (60 minute) group classes are perfect for those doing small courses. The focus is mainly the basic foundation of a successful course. Here we also work on getting comfortable cantering to all of our jumps. Jump height is usually between 12"-2'

Jump 2: As riders become more confident and capable the jump heigh can start moving up. These hour long (60 minute) group lessons are for riders comfortable jumping 2'-2'3" courses.

Jump 3: These group lessons are an hour (60 minutes) in length. In an effort to keep our school horses healthy, happy and sound this is the last level offered with the use of school horses. Jumps are between 2'3"-2'6"

Jump 4: With either a leased or owned horse riders jump between 2'6"-3' in these hour long (60 minute) group lessons.

Jump 5: For our more advanced riders these lessons can start at 3' and go up as the group is comfortable. These lessons are also an hour long (60 minutes).

Adult Classes: These classes are for our riders who are more comfortable riding with other adults instead of children. Many different times are offered throughout the days and evenings. These classes welcome riders at any level for an hour (60 minutes).

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