A new place to call home....

This fall, Cantera will be moving to an amazing new location that will advance our shared commitment to a community of healthy horses, talented trainers, maturing riders, and confident community citizens. Cantera’s new 20-acre location, near I-5 in Battleground, will include a new, larger, state-of-the-art arena capable of hosting shows/events, a new barn for 30 horses with multiple grooming stalls and tack rooms, and a beautiful viewing area and club house.

 Cantera Equestrian is all about great care for horses and developing great riders.   Of any age, Cantera horses thrive in their abilities and personalities. Both experienced and novice riders at Cantera are developing the right stuff to face challenges in the arena, school, and career. Cantera was founded to provide solid riding instruction, cultivate competent riders, and in partnership with horses, develop confident community citizens. This is a unique resource for the SW Washington/Portland Metro area. Cantera’s unique blend of lessons, training, Pony Club, IEA, horse-care, horse-rescue is building a community of support for horses and those who love them. Cantera’s approach is distinct in our area, and rare in the horse community.

We are committed to maintaining Cantera's unique resource for our community.  And, we are very excited to move into our new, advanced phase!